Grace Winteringham and Anna Murray of PATTERNITY/ 2019/ Courtesy of Alberto Rojas

Cosentino presents Liquid, the 2020 Dekton® collection designed by PATTERNITY at The Collector’s Lounge

Cosentino presents the Liquid Collection by PATTERNITY for Dekton®, the state-of-the-art, ultra-compact large format surface. Designed by London-based pattern experts and designers, PATTERNITY, in collaboration with Cosentino’s Design Team, the 2020 collection offers three new innovative colors.

Cosentino commissioned pattern experts and designers, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of PATTERNITY, to create a collection for Dekton® that reflects the state-of-the-art material. Inspired by Liquid, each of the individual colors are aesthetically innovative and as a collection, touch on the future of global trends. True to the PATTERNITY ethos, the collection’s concept centers around the beauty of nature, environmental awareness and celebrating sustainable design practice.

The collection will be displayed throughout the public gallery and Collectors Lounge designed by JPO Global.