Rendering of ROOTS/ Atelier Marko Brajovic, 2019/ Courtesy of Delta and The Sacred Space

Delta Air Lines and the Sacred Space Miami present Roots by Atelier Marko Brajovic, Curated by Ximena Caminos and produced by Alberto Latorre

Alarming changes in nature and our environment are all around us: forests and wildlife are disappearing, air and oceans are increasingly polluted, sea levels are rising, and the frequency of extreme weather phenomena is escalating. Cultural and artistic responses to environmental change are needed.

ROOTS manifests the connection and communication system that operates as an intelligent and distributed superorganism. Designed by nature, the resilient network purifies and regenerates our sense of coexistence in space and time. Flowing simultaneously, through conscious and subconscious multiple dimensions, the symbiotic interbeing is our home.

The ROOTS pavilion is a self-supporting aluminum branching system wrapped with fine custom-made ropes and was designed by a parametric software mimicking the natural growth of a mangrove rooting system. In the middle of the pavilion, a large deck is used as a collective space for ceremonies and for three traditional Amazonian hammocks from which visitors can experience the immersive documentary SACRED COCA.

SACRED COCA explores the alchemy between cutting-edge technological tools, nonlinear narratives, the healing properties of sound, and inaccessible ancient knowledge to create profound, transformative experiences in the beholder. In an expanded sound and visual journey into the Amazon rainforest, we witness how natives still keep alive a 14,000-year-old tradition that involves an intimate relationship with a plant of wisdom.

Both an ethnographic and spiritual exploration, this is a unique opportunity to enter a rarely visited territory and dive into the fascinating cultural origins of the Amazonian traditions of coca and its custodians the Barasano, Makuna, and Tatuyo.

We explore the relationship between art, spirituality, and territory, committing to creating high-quality cultural, indigenous and environmentally conscious content to inspire people and spark change. —Ximena Caminos

Curated by Ximena Caminos
Production by Alberto Latorre Architecture
Created and designed by Atelier Marko Brajovic
Documentary directed by Diana Rico and
Richard Decaillet
Aluminium pipe structure by United American
Metal Works
Fine ropes handmade in Brazil by Tidelli
Hand weaving by Kandi Stirman