One Drop Can Make A Rainbow/ evian® and Virgil Abloh, 2019/ Courtesy of Getty

Evian presents One Drop Can Make A Rainbow by Virgil Abloh

evian® and visionary designer Virgil Abloh have partnered on a series of limited-edition designs and innovative projects. The collection features stylish, collectible items that expand ways to hydrate while offering new sustainable choices, bringing together Abloh and evian’s shared vision.

Speaking about the collaboration, Shweta Harit, evian Global Marketing VP, stated, “Virgil is a creative innovator who has a degree in civil engineering and a CV that includes everything from creative direction to award-winning fashion design. Virgil is the embodiment of the next generation possibilities.”

Abloh’s designs for evian are inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful but simple phenomenons, the rainbow. “The notion that one drop of water can create a rainbow served as the inspiration and metaphor to drive my first project as evian’s Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design,” he said. “As light refracts through that droplet, it reveals its full polychromatic potential. We don’t see just water, we see infinite possibilities and inspiration for anyone. Everyone.”

The exclusive design is available at Design Miami/ and select hotels and restaurants, including Swan, Komodo, OTL, Planta, Nautilus, SLS South Beach, Delano, Bagatelle, Bâoli, Kiki on the River, Mandrake, and Novikov.

The collection also features limited quantities of the highly desirable, refillable Soma glass water bottle, designed as a hydration accessory for a conscious generation.