Following Matter/ Alexander Díaz Andersson, 2019/
Courtesy of ATRA

ATRA presents Following Matter by Alexander Diaz Anderson

Following Matter is a series of new pieces designed by Alexander Díaz Andersson, a Swedish-Mexican designer based in Mexico City. He is also the founder and creative director of ATRA. In collaboration with his brother, artist Andreas Díaz Andersson, a dialogue between art and design is forged. It is an experimental study in which the materials lead the form. As part of this same exploratory dialogue, everyday, industrial, and recovered materials form sculptural objects that draw inspiration from the brothers’ own dichotomous identities: a blend of clean Scandinavian lines and whimsical elements of traditional Mexican design that seek to anticipate how design and art will change in the future.

ATRA is a design studio where artistic and industrial know-how converge in a team of multidisciplinary artists, designers, and architects. The work is the driving creative force behind simple beauty; practicality and timelessness are the defi ning tenets of the studio’s aesthetic. All pieces are created with the craftsmanship of an objet d’art, but are designed to be full participants in the spaces they live in by providing comfort and meeting the demands of everyday living.