Portrait Urn of Harry Allen/ Harry Allen Design, 2019/ Courtesy of Harry Allen

Harry Allen Design presents Portrait Vessels

Portrait Vessels, ceramic vessels scanned from life, are created using cutting-edge technology. Imagery is captured via structured light scanning and vessels are produced in 3-D printed ceramic. The resulting object is therefore an exact likeness of its subject. The project references portraiture, from classical busts to selfies, and employs decorative arts typologies often associated with the human form. On offer are Portrait Vases, Portrait Coin Banks, and Portrait Urns.

This installation features on-site digital scanning. For most portraits the subject must sit for the artist, but for this project the subject sits for the scanner. Collectors decide which vessel they would like to create, have their likenesses scanned, and further customize their vessel with glazes and finishes, including 9K gold and platinum. Production takes eight to twelve weeks.

Harry Allen’s career has spanned many disciplines, but he is probably most associated with Reality, a series of life-cast products. His Bank in the Form of a Pig, cast from a real piglet, is a design classic. Portrait Vessels are a logical next step, capturing the infinite spectrum of the human countenance with all the detail that contemporary technology offers, and applying these forms to a series of objects that integrate function and meaning. Portrait Vessels are sure to remain lasting documents far into the future.