Africa: Traditions-Art-Design/ Reynold C. Kerr, 2019/ Courtesy of Kerr Fine Art

Kerr Fine Art presents Africa: Traditions-Art-Design by Reynold C. Kerr

Designed by Reynold C. Kerr, Africa: Traditions-Art-Design aims to present African works that reverberate with meaning and provide context for the connections binding our collective past, present, and future. The color choices reflect the intentionality inherent in traditional African forms, in which no aspect of color, form, surface, or design is gratuitous. Here red and black together signify Eshu, the messenger deity (analogous to Mercury) within Ifá, the belief system of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. The installation showcases sculptures that both adorn daily life and address various (at times multiple) social needs, such as maintaining social order or territorial integrity, or fostering social cohesion by reinforcing belief systems, praising deities, or modeling ideals of behavior. A large, interactive screen offers fairgoers the opportunity to situate each work presented in its geographic and cultural context, to provide a greater understanding of the vast expanse and cultural diversity of the African continent. It also presents multiple images of each object on display, revealing design details in high resolution.

Kerr Fine Art (KFA) promotes traditional African and twentieth-century art, particularly artists of Latin America, Africa, and the diaspora. Kerr’s installations expand KFA’s efforts to promote African aesthetics, materials, design, and ideas through gallery installations, online presentations, and museum exhibitions. The current installation colors reference Mother Africa: Masterpieces of African Motherhood, the exhibition developed in conjunction with Kerr Museum Productions that opened at New York’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and traveled to Centro Conde Duque, Madrid, and Museo del Hombre Dominicano, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.