White Perma/ Marcin Rusak, 2019/ Courtesy of Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Sarah Myerscough Gallery presents White Perma by Marcin Rusak

The multidisciplinary artist Marcin Rusak continues to explore the beauty of botanical arrangements, this time bound in off-white resin in the latest variation of his Perma furniture collection. The material is sliced lengthwise to reveal a new world of natural adornment: petals, stems, and buds unveil their anatomical intricacies and appear like veins in marble or cavities in fossilized stone. Rusak’s hand-drawn forms develop into a structural assemblage of planes, conjuring up imagery reminiscent of household objects.

As the son and grandson of flower growers, Rusak has long been inspired by natural sources as decoration. He first began incorporating flowers into his practice by reusing waste from florists to investigate new processes and develop new materials. This has led to a rich body of work ranging from research and storytelling to cultural criticism around consumption and future scenarios.

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