Inspiration Room/ Sevan Bıçakçı, 2019/ Courtesy of Sevan Bıçakçı

Sevan Bıçakçı presents Inspiration Room

In Sevan Bıçakçı’s Inspiration Room, the artist deconstructs his soul and shares it through art. Curated by Yesim Dilaver, an interior designer born in Istanbul, the installation brings together rare objects collected by Bıçakçı. Displayed along the walls in collage form, the visual vignettes include photographs and illustrations, rare Ottoman toys, tiles, collections of locks and keys, calligraphic art, antique textiles and shoes, furniture, and jewelry boxes. Nestled within are Bıçakçı’s rare jewels and timepieces, which are inspired by the surrounding heirlooms and the stories they tell. Bıçakçı is purposeful in conveying with design what he can’t with words, and from these gem creations collectors can take home a piece of history, a cultural evolution, and a slice of Istanbul itself.

World-renowned craftsman Bıçakçı is best known for achieving the highest levels of intricacy in his one-of-a-kind designs, which he sees as a natural reflection of his consciousness as a citizen of Istanbul. Feeling blessed with ethnographic layers of a heritage dating back thousands of years, Bıçakçı continues his storytelling through a universal language of design so others can see and feel how he feels. In attempting this, he uses his extraordinary skills in jewelry making to give shape and form to his emotions, which are influenced by the legacy of his homeland, a territory where cultures from the East, West, North, and South have embraced one another since the beginning of time.