Russian Roulette/ Stephen Webster, 2019/ Courtesy of Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster presents Vertigo

Vertigo is Stephen Webster’s concept borne of illusory deception, the perils of quick judgement, and constant uncertainties. A fine jewelry collection for our times, Vertigo is a playful material response to the dizziness that many of us are currently feeling. Inspired by radical architecture, and both modern and intriguing, Vertigo combines technology with tradition and the mixed materials of titanium and ceramic enamel, precious metals, diamonds, and exotic baguette-cut spinels. Vertigo features strong, angular lines, bold colors, and perspectives that create illusions of depth and dimension. The use of aeronautically light titanium allows the extreme perspectives to play out to full effect.

Over four vibrant decades, Stephen Webster, the London-based contemporary fine jewelry brand, has become internationally renowned for creating bold, innovative, often disruptive but always beautifully crafted fine jewelry.
This presentation also includes the debut of an exclusive furniture collaboration by Stephen Webster and Mark Brazier-Jones that is a tribute to both as master craftsmen. The duo share a design aesthetic that tells a story, is unhindered by rules, and is extroverted in color and form. Webster has long commissioned Brazier-Jones to make furniture for his retail showrooms and family homes, while Brazier-Jones often explores materials for his furniture designs that are found in jewelry, notably crystal components, a Webster signature. Also premiering is Stephen
Webster’s Russian Roulette, a vodka bar tools set, and the accompanying Russian Roulette jewelry collection. Over those years the brand’s home pieces have found their way to the tabletops, kitchen counters, and bars of a
global clientele.