A/D/O: Designing Water Futures

Thursday, December 5/


Presented by A/D/O

This discussion focuses on the urgent need to reimagine water culture for the twenty-first century and the role of designers in responding imaginatively to the challenges of the global water crisis. Topics include the need for interdisciplinary collaborations as well as renewed interest in alternative practices such as harvesting rain and other nature-based systems that address water challenges and can improve quality of life in Miami. In addition to addressing the pressing Miami context, the panel discusses projects emerging from A/D/O’s Water Futures program, including Water Tower by Studio Swine, while touching on relevant work by Tei Carpenter and Chris Woebken, Bio-Integrated Design Lab, Jane Withers, and Arabeschi di Latte. Book signing to follow.

Moderator: Dan Howarth/ Editorial Director, A/D/O
Alexander Groves/ Artist and Founder, Studio Swine
Vincent Lee/ Associate Principal, Arup
Jane Withers/ Founder, Jane Withers Studio

Listen to the full conversation here: